TX House District 23 Forum in Galveston

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SE TX Freedom Reigns Runoff Roundtable – Cain & Strahan

Moderator: Charles Blain, Empower Texans
Did you really think that the 2016 TX Primary was over? Well, it’s not!
Southeast Texas conservatives have a unique opportunity to elect not one, but TWO liberty-minded state representatives in this runoff election…. don’t you want to be a part of that action?!?
Briscoe Cain is winning hearts & minds in TX House District 128 (map) while working really hard to defeat a 14 year incumbent, who happens to be the Chairman of theLicensing and Regulations Committee in our TX House. Briscoe actually won the Primary with 48% with three in race, with the third opponent, Melody McDaniel endorsing him!
Briscoe CAN win this!
Keith Strahan ran in an open seat with six other candidates to replace the tyrannical Straus lieutenant, John Otto. Keith came out on top in the runoff, with over 28%, against the establishment’s pick. TX House District 18 (map) is a rural district in which Keith is a pillar within it’s communities and CAN win this race!
Keith Strahan and Briscoe Cain would be a fantastic addition to our TX House ‘Liberty Caucus’, led by Jonathan Stickland, Matt Rinaldi, and Tony Tinderholt …….. and would pave the way for others in our part of Texas.
Are you ready to make some history? GOOD! Join us and don’t forget your checkbook!
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TX Shark PAC
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TX Primary Challenge


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TX Shark PAC issues a 2016 TX Primary Challenge!

Are you sick & tired of these big spending establishment candidates blowing through these primary elections untouched, unscathed and free to legislate according to the paid lobbyist’s will?

We can change that and the TX Primary is less than 2 months away! Actions speak louder than words ….. are you ready to act?

1) Commit to donating $5 a week to 4 real liberty candidates every week until the March 1st Primary. Is $20 a week too much to sacrifice for the advancement of liberty in Texas?

2) Commit to 4 hours a week to your favorite candidate. Whether it’s making phone calls, block walking, or organizing neighborhood coffee meet & greets ….. every action will be very much appreciated!

You may ask…. which candidates should I start with? GREAT question! Please see the suggestions below:

1) Here are 2 links that will get you started and help guide you to the liberty minded candidates:
Brett Rogers via Texas Grassroots – http://texasgrassroots.net/

Empower Texans via ‘Top 10 TX Races to Watch’-

2) Don’t forget those representatives who are running for re-election and stood for us during the last session! (Find them within the 19 who voted Scott Turner for Speaker last January.)

3) Take a productive, fun field trip on Saturday, Jan 16th, with the Cypress Tea Party to San Antonio to block walk for Jeff Judson, running to unseat Joe Straus!
See here to sign up & for more info:

Please feel free to ask any questions and challenge other like minded, liberty lovin’ Texans! Other than that, we’ll see you on the battle field!

For God and For Texas,
TX Shark PAC